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Project Summary

TargetSpot is an advertising platform that enables major brands to advertise their products and services to the ever-growing online audio listening audience. Originally developed as a work-for-hire project for CBS Radio and later spun-off as an independent company with Union Square Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures as investors, TargetSpot broke new ground when it launched in 2007. Even today, it remains one of the only advertising platforms designed specifically to monetize the rapidly growing digital audio listening audience.

My involvement in TargetSpot was taking the product from a vague concept and defining the functionality, workflow, and user experience for the overall system. Over the course of three generations of the platform, I helped design and realize over 200 product features that spanned ad creation, campaign management, performance reporting, and the internal administration tools needed to run the business (e.g., account management, user ACLs, ad screening, the marketing / promotional CMS, billing, and so on).

Image of the TargetSpot Dashboard circa 2009
Image of the TargetSpot system dashboard as it appeared in late 2009


TargetSpot was an independent company from 2007 through 2013 when it was acquired by Radionomy, the same company that now owns WinAmp.

My Contributions (as VP of Product)