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Project Summary

ZapSpot was a startup software company devoted to creating fun and easy-to-play computer games that were completely free via advertising sponsorships. It employed a proprietary game engine that was highly abstracted from the host OS (in this case Windows) and the distribution model was very similar to Macromedia's Central product, which actually arrived nearly five years later. The games were simple but small (typically less than 900KB) so they could easily be emailed to friends or downloaded on a 56Kbps modem.

Each ZapSpot game title was planned, designed, coded, and tested in just two weeks using a very small team that usually involved a single game designer, graphic artist (often me), programmer, and play tester who were all working on several titles in parallel.

ZapSpot Shell
Image of the ZapSpot interface showing the "BullyFrog" game title screen

Current Status

Sadly, ZapSpot folded in late 2000 / early 2001 due to the dot com crash. However, during its short lifespan, the company (and its games) accumulated some pretty impressive stats:

My Contributions (as Creative Lead / Program Manager)