Selected Projects

During my career I have worked on dozens of products and contributed hundreds of features. This area highlights just a few of my favorites (and the ones I can actually talk about).

Professional Projects

TargetSpot was the world's first advertising platform dedicated to monetizing the growing Internet Radio listening audience.

MyHeavy was part social network and part "iTunes for video" that was planned, built, and launched by a team of four in just over three months.

SitePal Emotional States Editor
This enhancement to Oddcast's animated talking avatar technology was designed to imbue a sense of realism by enabling them to visually exhibit emotional responses to specific user actions.

Content Propagation Tool
This tool helped automate the publishing of content for an innovative pharmaceutical company's website.

ZapSpot Games
This defunct series of Windows-based, ad sponsored casual games didn't change the world but they were sure fun to make and play!

Personal Projects

This is a free collection of pre-drawn, pre-animated images that you can use for your own games.

Web UI Design Primer
This free primer will help you understand the most important aspects of website usability and user experience.

This is a free collection of pre-defined UI widgets and elements for use in prototypes with Axure 6.0 and above.