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Project Summary

MyHeavy was Heavy's entry into the social networking arena and surprisingly innovative for its time. For starters, it had a rich, AJAX-based GUI that was several generations ahead of contemporaries such as MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and AOL AIM pages, which was no small feat in the days before cross-browser frameworks like jQuery, etc. Second, it had a full-featured messaging system that rivaled the functionality of many desktop email clients. Third, it made video management and sharing extremely easy. Users could take videos from other users' pages and add them to their own collections by merely dragging them over. It even supported multiple, simultaneous video uploads.

My MyHeavy profile page from 2006
Video of the MyHeavy profile page and composing a message


MyHeavy was an active property from 2006 through 2008. However, its core technology went on to eventually power all of's online properties and some of it may still be in use.

My Contributions (as Executive Producer)