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Project Summary

SitePal™ is a subscription service that allows people to create a wide-array of talking avatars which can be added to their websites for a variety of professional and personal applications. The Emotional States Editor was one of the more interesting features I worked on while the Product Manager for that product.

This feature enabled the SitePal animated avatar technology to exhibit emotional characteristics based on the content of a given audio message. These expressions included happiness, sadness, anger, surprise and thinking. Emotional States could be added in one of two ways: they could be "recorded" by a user in real-time as an audio track played or they could be visually dragged and dropped onto an audio track's timeline and then edited - e.g. re-positioned, stretched and / or shortened as needed. Since not all avatars were compatible with the Emotional States feature, the user's settings were saved as a special metadata stream that could be ignored without affecting the avatar's other behaviors.

Image of the SitePal Emotional States Editor
Image of the editing interface with several "emotions" applied to the audio track


Unknown. This feature never made its way into the basic SitePal product. However, a version of the feature was eventually incorporated into some enterprise-level products for ESL (English as a Second Language) applications released by Oddcast (SitePal's parent company).

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